WordPress AMP Plugin

WordPress AMP add AMP(Accerlated Mobile Pages) support to a WordPress website. WordPress AMP provides support for the inbuilt post types as well as the custom post types and custom taxonomies.

Key Features

1. Support for the Google Analytics.
2. Support Custom Post Types and Taxonomies.
3. Support iFrames.
4. Handles InPage Pagination tags on its own. Will show whole page as one for now.
5. Supports static menu. It is not dynamic for now. You have to add links in html on 
   your own in this version.
6. Support for Instagram using short-code.
7. Support for Carousel (Development Version).


1. Instagram ShortCode
   > [instagram url=(required) width=(optional) height=(optional) layout=(optional)] 
     Default Values width=600 height=450 layout="responsive"

2. Google Analytics Code
   Add GA-Code for your website in admin panel of WordPress AMP.

Next Milestone

1. Dynamic Menu Support.
2. Social Media Support (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter).

Download v1.13


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